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CIOCC Medical Oncology Subspecialty Fellowship Program

15/01/2014 1:00

The increasing complexity in our understanding of cancer and the unique diagnostic and management algorithms for each cancer type requires specific training in the different disease entities. While the residency program provides a broad and general knowledge of oncology, does not permit the trainee to devote enough time to sub specialized in a given cancer type. However, the practice of oncology is now tumor type oriented.

​CIOCC is a highly specialized cancer center with well staff multidisciplinary units in the major cancer types.  These units, led by senior physicians, not only organize the care of these patients but also carry on clinical and translational programs integrating new drugs, laboratory models, molecular pathology and imaging.  These units have the capability to provide specialized training in their area of interest. We have now active programs in GI,  Prostate,  Ovarian, GU,  Breast and Drug Development.

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