The World Day of the Critical Lung - 4 Diciembre

<diciembre de 2019>á.do.


Global organizing commitee:

-P Cardinal-Fernández. Spain
-O. Baez-Pravia. Spain
-L. Blanch. Spain
-M. Jibaja. Ecuador
-G. Ortiz. Colombia
-F. Rubulotta. Inglaterra

Local committee (Spain):

-L. Córdoba
-C. Pey
-J. Gallardo
-J. Villanueva

Hospital Universitario HM Sanchinarro     

Reina Sofía Auditorium   

C/ Oña, 10 – 2850 Madrid. Spain

Critical Lung day - dec 4 2019 - europa - GMT+1.pdf

World Day of the Critical Lung
A worldwide scientific, online, in-person, free and non-profit event organized by the Pan American and Iberian Federation of Critical Medicine and Intensive Care Societies.

oGlobal organising entity: Federación Panamericana e Ibérica de Medicina Crítica y Terapia Intensiva.

oLocal organising entity (Spain): Fundación de Investigación HM Hospitales.

oLocal organising entity (Colombia): Fundación INSIMED.

SESSION 1 (online session)

o11.00h.- 11.10h.  Broncho obstructive diseases. Tay Chee Kiang Melvin. Singapore.

Official representative of the Society of Intensive Care Medicine (Singapore).

o11.10h.- 11.25h. Asthma in ICU. Ross Freebairn.

New Zealand. Official representative of the BASIC group.

o11.25h.- 11.40h. How to ventilate a patient with an acute severe COPD exacerbation. Mauri Tommaso. Italy.

Official representative of the European Society of intensive Care Medicine (ESICM).

o11.40h.- 11.55h. Ventilator liberation in a COPD. Loh Sean. Singapore.

o11.55h.- 12.10h. Questions and answers.

o12.10h.-12.30h. Short break - coordinating time - 20 min. 

SESSION 2 (online session)

o12.30h.-12.40h. The lung in the immunosuppressed patient. Kathryn Maitland. Kenia.

o12.40h.-12.55h. Invasive fungal infection in hemato-oncological patients admitted to the ICU - Foccus on diagnosis and treatment. José Garnacho Montero. Spain.

o12:55-13.10h. Lung sepsis in the immunosuppressed – aetiology and diagnostic challenges. Mervin Singer . UK.

o13:10-13.25h. Outcomes of severe pneumonia patients with HIV in a South African pediatric ICU. Kubain Naidoo. South Africa.

o13.25h.- 13.40h. Questions and answers.

o13:40h.-14:00h. Short break - coordinating time - 20 min.

SESSION 3 (online session)

o14.00h.-14.10h. Monitor and support respiratory function. Blanch Lluis. Spain.

o14.10h.-14.25h. Minimally invasive biomarkers for acute lung diseases. From bench to bedside. J .Ruiz Cabello. Spain.

o14.25h.-14.40h. Mechanical power: a way to unify concepts in mechanical ventilation. Paolo Pelosi. Italy.

o14.40h.-14.55h. How to select tidal volume and driving pressure according to the lung mechanics. Jean-Michel Arnal. France.

o14.55h.-15.10h. Questions and answers.

WELCOME (in-person session & online session)

o15:10h.-15:30h. Acreditations.

o15.30h.- 15.40h. Welcome and Opening Remarks. José Eugenio Guerrero. Spain.

      HM Hospitales and Guillermo Ortiz (Colombia) INSIMED.

o15.40h.- 16.00h. History, present and future of mechanical ventilation. Inaugural conference. Andrés Esteban. Spain.

o16:00h.-16:15h. Short break - coordinating time - 15 min.

SESSION 4 (in-person session & online session)

o16.15h.-16.25h. Acute Pulmonary Distress Syndrome. Tommaso Tonetti. Italy.

o16.25h.-16.40h. Airway closure in ARDS. Claude Guérin. France.

o16.40h. -16.55h. Recruit or not recruit? That is the question. Alexander Cavalcanti. Brazil.

o16.55h.-17.10h. Effect of dead space on ARDS. Luis Morales. Spain.

o17.10h.-17.25h. Questions and answers.

o17:25h.-17:45h. Short break - coordinating time - 20 min.

SESSION 5 (in-person session & online session)

o17.45h.-17.55h. Pulmonary infections. Orville Báez-Pravia. Spain.

o17.55h.-18.10h. Influenza pneumonia at the ICU. Ignacio Martin-Loeches. Ireland.

o18.10h.-18.25h. What's new in severe CAP over the past 10 years? Jordi Rello. Spain. Francesca Rubulotta. UK.

o18.25h.-18.40h. New paradigms in microbiology diagnosis. The syndromic diagnosis.- Rolando Soloaga. Argentina.

o18.40h.-18.55h. Questions and answers.

o18.55h.-19.30h. Long break – coordinating time – 35 min.

SESSION 6 (in-person session & online session)

o19.30h.-19.40h. Lung Challenges. Manuel Garay. Colombia.

o19.40h.-19.55h. Weaning in long term mechanically ventilated patients. Óscar Peñuelas. Spain.

o19.55h. -20.10h. New therapeutic targets in acute lung injury. José Ángel Lorente. Spain.

o20.10h.-20.25h. Management of fungal infection in lung transplantation. Ricard Ferrer Roca. Spain.

o20.25h.-20.40h. Questions and answers.

o20.40h.-21.00h. Short break - coordinating time - 20 min.

SESSION 7 (online session)

o21.00h.-21.10h. Post respiratory failure care. Tisherman S. & Baldisseri M.

Official representative of the SCCM. USA.

o21.10h.-21.25h. Post-intensive care syndrome. Brad Butcher. USA.

o21.25h.-21.40h. Early mobility. Chris Wells. USA.

o21.40h.-21.55h. Family engagement. Ruth Kleinpell. USA.

o21.55h.-22.10h. Questions and answers.

Closing conference

o22.10h.-22.30h. Closing conference. Zimmerman J. President of the World Federation of Societies of Intensive and Critical Care Medicine (WFSICCM).

Free Registration at:


Certificate with credits of continuous formation will be provided.

ONLY for in-person attendants at Hospital Universitario HM Sanchinarro.

Lugar del evento: Hospital Universitario HM Sanchinarro Hora del evento: 11.00

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