The World Day of the Critical Lung

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El próximo 17 de noviembre se celebrará en el Hospital Universitario HM Sanchinarro la jornada internacional: The World Day of the Critical Lung coincidiendo con el Día Mundial del Pulmón Crítico. Se trata de una jornada a nivel mundial, su sede en España es el Hospital Universitario HM Sanchinarro del Grupo HM Hospitales. Entre sus organizadores en España se encuentran los doctores Luis Blanch y Pablo Cardinal-Fernández. Por otra parte están los doctores Guillermo Ortiz y Carmelo Dueñas de Colombia. Inscripción gratuita. Realizar el registro en la web del evento. : Contacto:

​November 17th, 2017

Welcome to the World Day of the Critical Lung
12.10h.- 12.20h. Teaching Room
      Dr. José Eugenio Guerrero. Head of the ICU. Grupo HM Hospitales. Head of the ICU.
      Gregorio Marañón University Hospital. Spain.

12.20h.- 13.50h. Teaching Room
      The lung under extreme conditions. Dr. Thiago Lisboa. Brazil.
      Effect of high altitude in mechanical ventilated patients. Dr. Guillermo Ortiz. Colombia. 
      Official representative of the Latin American Network for Researching in High Altitude.
      Ultrasound in massive pulmonary embolism. Dr. Jesús Álvarez. Spain.
      New horizons in pulmonary arterial hypertension therapies. Dr. Víctor Moles. USA.
      Tuberculosis at the intensive care unit. Dr. Mervyn Mer. South Africa.
      Questions and answers: Dr. Manuel Garay. Colombia; Dr. Juan Carlos Grigñola. Uruguay;
      Dr. Aurelio Rodríguez. Botswana.
      Short break- coordinating time

Inaugural conference
13.50h.-14.05h. Teaching Room
     “Global Burden of respiratory diseases in the intensive care unit“. Dra. Mari Cruz Martín
      Delgado. Spain. Official representative of the Pan American and Iberian Federation of
      Critical Medicine and Intensive Care Societies.

14.05h.-15.35h. Teaching Room
      Acute respiratory failure. Dr. LJ Kaplan.FACS, FCCM.USA.
      Ultrasound evaluation of weaning in the ICU. Dr. Antonio Hernández. FCCM. USA.
      Quality assessment of mechanical ventilation. Dr. David Murphy. USA.
      Extracorporeal techniques for pulmonary rescue. Dr. Pauline Park. FCCM. USA.
      Acute respiratory failure as a precursor to Post-intensive care Syndrome. Dr. Mark
      Mikkelsen. FCCM. USA.
      Questions and answers: Dr. Randi Smith. USA; Dr. Priya Prakash. USA.
      Short break- coordinating time

15.35h.-17.05h. Auditorium
      Monitor and support respiratory function. Dr. Neill Ferguson. Canada.
      Postextubation respiratory Failure: non-invasive mechanically ventilation or high-flow
      nasal cannula? Dr. Gonzalo Hernández. Spain.
      Electrical impedance tomography to optimize mechanical ventilation. What else?
      Dr. Federico Gordo. Spain.
      Is it possible to diminish the ventilatory-patient asynchronies? Dr. Luis Blanch. Spain.
      Improving sedation practices in mechanically ventilated patients? Dr. Jorge Salluh. 
      Questions and answers: Dr. Bruno Pinheiro. Brazil; Dr. Emmanuel Charboney. Canada;
      Dr. Jesús Blanco. Spain.
      Short break- coordinating time

17.05h.- 18.20h. Auditorium
      Pulmonary infections. Dr. Jordi Rello. Spain.
      Tools for outcome prediction in patients with community acquired pneumonia. 
      Dr. Ignacio Martín-Loech. Ireland.
      Steroids for community acquired pneumonia: Why, when and how. 
      Dr. Antoni Torres. Spain.
      Management of adults with hospital-acquired and ventilator-associated pneumonia:
      2016 Clinical Practice Guidelines. Dr. André C. Kalil. USA.
      Questions and answers: Dra. Ana Laura González. Argentine;  Dr. Manuel Jibaja. Ecuador;
      Dr. Mahmoud Hassebo. Saudi Arabia.
      Short break- coordinating time

18.20h.-19.35h. Auditorium
      Acute Pulmonary Distress Syndrome. Dr. Claude Guerin. France.
      Do we need a new ARDS definition? Dr. Theogene Twagirumuga. Ruanda.
      Why have all pharmacological treatments failed? Dr. Antonio Artigas. Spain.
      What is new in 2017 mechanical ventilation guidelines for patients with ARDS? 
      Dr. Eddy Fan. Canada.
      Questions and answers. Dra. Elisa Estenssoro. Argentine; Dr. Andrés Esteban. Spain;
      Dr. Pablo Cardinal-Fernández. Spain; Dr. Carmelo Dueñas. Colombia.
      Short break- coordinating time

19.35h.-21.00h. Auditorium
      Bronchoobstructive diseases. Dr. Antonio Anzueto. USA.
      Decoding similarities and differences between global (GOLD) and Spanish (GesEPOC)
      COPD guidelines. Dra. Alicia Ferreira. Spain.
      Neurally Adjusted Ventilatory Assist (NAVA) in patients with acute exacerbation of
      chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Dr. Ling Liu. China.
      Biologics in Asthma – The Next Step Towards Personalized Treatment. Dr. Mark Cohen. 
      Guatemala. Official representative of the Latin American Thoracic Society (ALAT).
      Effect of viral infections on acute exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary
      disease. Dr. Alejandro Rodríguez. Spain.
      Questions and answers. Dr. Carlos Pey. Spain;  Dr. Luis Córdoba. Spain; Itziar Fernández
      Ormaechea. Spain.
      Short break- coordinating time

21.05h.- 22.30h. Auditorium
      The lungs in the immunosuppressed patient. Dra. Elie Azoulay. France
      Non-invasive ventilation in inmunosuppresed patients: When, how and what to
      expect. Dr. Miguel Ferrer. Spain - Official representative of the Spanish Society of
      Pneumology and Thoracic Surgery (SEPAR).
      New advances in lung transplant therapy. Dr. Matute-Bello. USA.
      Lung cancer at the ICU: challenges and opportunities. Steves Pastores. USA.
      Respiratory complications in HIV patients admitted to the ICU. Dr. Gustavo Lopardo
      Argentine. Representant of the  Pan American Association of Infectious Disease (AIP).
      Questions and answers: Dr. Orville Báez Pravia. Spain; Dr. Fabio Varón. Colombia; 
      Dr. Mario Godino. Uruguay.
      Short break- coordinating time

Closing conference
22.35h.-22.50h. Auditorium
    “Half a century of ARDS”. Dr. Jean Louis Vincent. Belgium. President of the World
      Federation of Societies of Intensive and Critical Care Medicine.

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