Jornada de Innovación en Cáncer Urotelial

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Directora del curso: Dra. Elena Sevillano Fernández M.D. PhD Unidad de Tumores Urológicos, Ginecológicos y piel HM Hospitales Coordinador del curso: Dr. Jesús García-Donas M.D PhD M.D. Unidad de Tumores Urológicos, Ginecológicos

Composición de la mesa redonda


  • Dra. Elena Sevillano
  • Dr. Jesús García-Donas 


  • Dr. Joaquim Bellmunt  
  • Dr. Jesús García-Donas. 
  • Dr. Guillermo de Velasco
  • Dr. Félix Guerrero 


16.00-16.10h. Introducción.

Dra. Elena Sevillano

Dr. Jesús García-Donas 


16.10-16.30h. Non Muscle Invasive

BGC unresponsiveness and alternatives to radical cystectomy?

Best options for patients after BCG

16.30-17.30h. Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer

Neoadjuvant immune checkpoint inhibitors vs neoadjuvant cisplatin-based chemotherapy for MIBC?

Bladder sparing options vs trimodality therapy or radical cystectomy

Adjuvant treatment options in high risk patients of bladder cancer and upper tract urothelial cancer

New combinations options and biomarkers of response

Does variant histologies change your recommendations?

17.30h-18.30h. Advanced Disease

First line current strategies. Are we evolving towards  a platinum-free future in urothelial cancer?

Second line therapy: Choosing wisely

Molecularly guided therapies for metastatic urothelial cancer

How FGFR status impacts treatment decisions and sequencing consideration?

Antibody-Drug Conjugates: new winning horse? 

Where are we with treating HER2 genomic alterations?

Novel biomarkers associated with treatment outcomes

What is the role of artificial intelligence in screening and diagnostic of bladder cancer?

What is new and on the horizon?

18.30-18.35h. Despedida y cierre

Dra. Elena Sevillano

Dr. Jesús García-Donas 


Lugar del evento: HM SANCHINARRO Hora del evento: 16.00

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