International Tutorial on Cancer Immunotherapy Research Studies Design

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Intensive Tutored Training to become an International Expert in the Design of Preclinical and Clinical Studies on Cancer Immunotherapy.


The main objective of the tutorial is to train professionals from preclinical, clinical or management areas in the design of Cancer Immunotherapy studies in order they can become international experts in this field.

Likewise, the participants will perform it on an intensive online working days. They will have a personalized tutoring in order to get a training as useful as possible.



Documentation Submission Period: From 15th March to 15th July, 2021

Admission Communication: Before 15th September, 2021

Registration Deadline: Before1st October, 2021

Once admitted, the candidate will pay the registration fee between 15th September and  1st October, 2021, according to the instructions that will be provided at the same time of the admission communication.

Registration Fee*:

-50% Discount for candidates  who send the documentation  from 15th March to 30th April, 2021: 2.160€

-25% Discount for candidates  who send the documentation  from 1st to 31st May, 2021: 3.240€

-Candidates who send the documentation for admision process from 1st June to 15th July, 2021. total registration fee: 4.320€

*If registration is not made on time, it will be assigned  to another candidate.

International Tutorial on Cancer Immunotherapy Research Design

The different modalities of  Cancer Immunotherapy wether cellular,  monoclonal antibodies, different vaccine modalities or oncolytic viruses have changed the traditional diagnostic-therapeutic approach in many of our cancer patients.

At the same time, there has been a progressively increasing change in the design of cancer immunotherapy studies, In order to optimize the benefit of our patients in the shortest period of time the preclinical level, in-vitro or animal models, and at the clinical level, to try to benefit our patients in their different phases of development.

The final success of a given research study depends on the appropriate design of methods, objectives and real implementation of the clinical the preclinical study, and whether it can later be replicated or its application generalized to all our patients.
Thus arises the need to bring together the best worldwide experts and trainers in this International Tutorial on Cancer Immunotherapy Research Studies Design.

Six intensive online working days

From 22nd to 26th November, 2021. The Tutorial will be developed in 6 intensive online working days consisting on:

•Master Lecture on Advanced Concepts of Cancer Immunotherapy Studies Design (Overall design, hypothesis, primary objectives, secondary objective, material and methods, statistical analysis, feasibility-opportunity).

•Analysis in small groups by sections of the design of the investigators' draft.

•Individualized analysis by draft sections with the expert trainer.

•Lessons of the day. Summary by the trainers of the most representative changes introduced in the corresponding draft section.

•“Old Stories from my research experience". Informal discussion of ocurrences illustrating some of the key aspects of Cancer immunotherapy research.

•Final protocols presentation and awards ceremony (day 6). 

Days 1 to 5: From 7:00 a.m. to 20:00 p.m. (CEST)

Day 6: From 7:00 a.m. to 14:00 p.m. (CEST)

Admission process

1.Candidate profile: graduate in a biosanitary career, professional in the clinical or preclinical area or pharmaindustry professional  will be considered as a candidate. A maximum of 36 candidates (6 groups of 6 candidates) will be admitted to the tutorial.

2.Submission  documentation period: From 15th March to 15th July, 2021. Candidates will send to  the following documentation:

•A draft of a preclinical or clinical cancer immunotherapy proposal  for a research study, they will develop during their training stay (online).

•An updated CV (English).

•A personal letter of introduction (English).

•A letter of recommendation from their supervisor or at least two members of the research team (English).

3.Staff evaluation: The Director and the TiDeIO expert trainers will evaluate:

•Draft, research project (1-10 points).

•CV and letter of recommendation (1-10 points).

4.Communication of admission: Researchers will be informed of the result of their admission process before 15th September, 2021.

5.Registration deadline: Once the candidate is admitted, the registration will be formalize in the following 15 days. (Discount will be applied depending on the date that the candidate send the documentation. See registration fee section)

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